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The Boy from Earth

is now available


Text Publishing

Twelve-year-old Bobby Baxter’s not the bravest kid on Earth. His list of things that scare him is up to number 689, and includes lightning, crowds, spiders, alien abductions, crocodiles, falling from great heights, falling from small heights and eggs.
So when he learns that he’s the first Earthling ever chosen to attend the Galactic Space Academy, light years away from home, he’s terrified—and that’s before he discovers that someone at the academy wants him

What have people said about my books?

'A fun story, easy to read and full of action. The action, by the way, is excellently written...Bonus points for being the first kids' book of its kind I've come across that gives mention to the suffragettes!'



'Lots of mechanical mayhem and derring-do - breathless stuff.'

Michael Pryor


'Non-stop action, non-stop adventure, non-stop fun!'

Richard Harland



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