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One Small Step

Will Brock survive?
With his health in a serious condition, Lara and Nigel are forced to use unconventional methods to try to save him. At the same time, Sally and Tyrone are sent to the CEAK (Close Encounters All Kinds) Institute to help their scientists on a mission. They've developed a new technology called Jumpspace, and it holds great promise for the future. It has the capability to allow people to travel across the galaxy in an instant.
There's just one problem. The first expedition sent to another world has not returned.
If Sally and Tyrone can't locate the expedition, then the wonders of the galaxy will remain unavailable to humanity forever...

Past Shadows

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you…
While Lara follows up on her premonition of Earthly destruction, Sally is called upon to investigate the kidnapping of a young girl. The ransom must be paid to guarantee the girl’s return, but a lot of things can go wrong. Especially when the exchange is happening in a dark and abandoned cemetery!
At the same time, Tyrone is contacted by someone he never expected to hear from again: his brother. Flynn is in trouble. Tyrone can save him, but it might cost him his life.
How far will Tyrone go to save the brother he once abandoned?




Can a dead superhero come back to life?
NEST is called to the little town of Elben, Pennsylvania, to investigate a strange glass monster who has been stalking the citizens. The beast bears an uncanny resemblance to Peter, their friend, who was killed in a battle with killer Graham Kemp.
But Peter’s dead. Or is he?
At the same time, Sally follows up on the deaths of her parents. Her quest takes her and Brock to Florida to investigate the mysterious Project Icarus.
They’ll be lucky if they survive…

Fear Fight


Sally hasn’t found the people who killed her parents—yet—but she’s not giving up.
First, she’d got to do battle with her team against a pair of deadly bank robbers. They can stop you from telling up from down, left from right. And they’re not alone. They’ve brought with them a horrible little girl who can blow tornados from her mouth.
Together, the three of them form a deadly trio…
It’s no wonder that Tyrone gets injured. But then he goes missing.
Where has he gone? Has he left the team? Or has something far worse happened to him?
Tyrone seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth…


Someone wants Sally Tyler dead.
After the brutal murder of her parents, Sally Tyler is homeless and on the run. Then she is offered the chance of a lifetime—join a bounty hunting organization called NEST and become a superhero. She’ll work with the other members of NEST—Lara, Tyrone, Brock and Nigel—to catch the bad guys the police can’t catch.
At the same time, she’ll be able to discover who murdered her parents and destroyed her life. It all sounds perfect.
Except being a superhero doesn’t make her safer. Now, more people than ever want her dead….


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