I've wanted to be a writer ever since I had some positive feedback from a teacher in high school. Rather than becoming the next Stephen King I became a husband and a father instead, and I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful family.


I currently publish though Text Publishing, and well as self publish though Amazon and other online bookstores.


I lived most of my life in Sydney, Australia before moving to the South Coast of New South Wales for a number of years. I currently call Melbourne my home (it's a fantastic city - you should visit if you get a chance!)


I enjoy writing young adult and children's novels. I like fast paced action stories populated with interesting characters mixed in with lots of humour. 

My other interests include Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games books and chocolate. Always chocolate. I've never met a chocolate I didn't like. One of the big loves of my life is Toastmasters. Have a look at my club's website:



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